Here you come on a moderately very interesting topic that who owns the two gem clubs. So, like other clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona don’t do the very exercise which is followed by other clubs. Undoubtedly, that’d excite your brain that who owns Barca and Real Madrid?

Remember! Don’t risk asking BARCA and REAL MADRID fans that, who owns? It really doesn’t matter who owns the team until you really got curious and make a search. So, let take a look down, to see who are the owners of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Who owns FC Barcelona and Real Madrid?

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are managed by their members, they don’t need billionaire and multinational company as both giants said. literally, both clubs have a loyal fanbase, they exercise their club as their family, they won’t need the corporate world in between their emotions.

“We criticized the foreign ownership and we are worried, what happening in the premier league it looks really ominous how they giving rights in hands of one company. Our club is already owned by its 180,000 members. So it will never, ever be for sale”

Sandro Rosell (former Barca president).

How Barcelona and Real Madrid are so good at managing the clubs?

Well its love, fond, care that runs the clubs as similar other owned clubs. Basically, both clubs are in the hands of socio cum supporters, and forever, those look out the debts, matches, expenses, sponsors.

Fundamentally, Real Madrid has around 80,000 socio and 180,000 socio in Barcelona as it is the richest club in the world in 2020, who vote to elect the president from then for four years (currently RMs Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta i Estruch of Barca ). the elected president choose the board of directors and the rest of members also fulfilling their duties for the clubs.

Final Words

This is all about love for the clubs, that’s how they begin functioning as socio for their clubs. negotiating billion dollars deals, hope your respect for REAL MADRID, BARCELONA, and for their fans gotta rose after realizing the article.

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