Which is the richest football club in the world? In this article, we have listed the top 10 most valuable, profitable, or richest football clubs in the world. We have done thorough research in making this list, This list is going to depend on Clubs Net Worth, Market value, Player Transfers, Current Performance, etc. The overall rankings this year have not been changed from the previous year even after the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Richest football clubs in the world [2021]

Top 10 List: Richest Football Clubs In The World

We all know what happened to the gunners’ Arsenal this year, we all know how the table changes its shape week after week. The hunter would be hunt by its prey, kinds of stuff happen in the football world. Here, take a glance at the top ten richest football clubs in the world.

In this list, Most of the richest football clubs in the world are from English Premier League(EPL) and some from La Liga, let’s take a look below in descending order at the rankings of the world’s richest football clubs in 2021.

10. JUVENTUS FC / Juventus Football Club

juvetus football club ronaldo football club 2020 valuable richest football club

Juve, The Club on the 10th spot but the most revenue generated side in the world. What is the reason behind their success rather they didn’t win the UEFA champion league and any other big trophy except Serie A? Ronaldo down his dribble in italic soil, observe yourself, CR7 has the biggest fanbase on social media, they directly connected with Juventus, thereafter merchandise of Juventus took hype, selling out in the globe.

Thus, sponsors curios to buy Clubs jersey right. That’s how this Italic Club got the huge hike in their numbers, this year Juventus spot at the in the top 10 with the revenue of 459.7 million euros. Juventus might be on better spot coz you can’t stop them as Ronaldo is unstoppable, as he answered.

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9. CHELSEA FC / Chelsea Football Club

chalsea football club valueable club priemier league

The blue beast has not that much boom in their revenue this time, the team underwent in UEFA champion league, they had not given their well-knowing performance but with the loyal fanbase and the strong sponsors like Yokohama and Nike, certain their privilege yet Chelsea did not get much harm in their revenue, the Club is on the 9th rank in the richest club of the world 2020 with the revenue of 513.1 million euros.

8. TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR FC / Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

tottenham hotspur fc valueable football club

Another English club! that’s the reason the premier league is known as the richest league of the world. The club has made an enormous change into their pitch game, it’s true they failed to win the title of UCL last season but it’s commendable the way they dashed the world’s giants. The hard work of Kane and the company made an impact on their number and thundering with a revenue of 521.1 million euros this season.

7. LIVERPOOL FC / Liverpool Football Club

liverpool football club the most valuable as well as class

It’s almost 30 years of the drought of the premier league title, yet things are on their side this season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the premier league has been stooped in between. So, as follow the Bundesliga format, where Bayern Munich crowned as they topped the table, though Liverpool would be the Champion this, coz they are ruling on the point table.

After winning the last year’s UCL trophy, Liverpool looking at the 7th rank with total revenue of 604 million euros. Mohammad Salah is the key man for the side and trying to get back the golden era of Liverpool. The club has much wider support which has not seen in any other English club.

6. MANCHESTER CITY / Manchester City Football Club

manchester city football club valueable club

The only club in the history of the premier league, which won the domestic treble by lifting all English trophies in a single year. After beating by their personal rivals, MANCHESTER UNITED, blue giants are the richest club in England.

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This season club increase 42.2 million euros and the total revenue went to 610.6 million euros which is higher than ever for them. Pep Guardiola is the man behind the pitch success, this man just turns things in favor of the blue giants, and the rest is history.


paris saint germain - valuable football club list place holder

PSG surprised with its commercial income around 100 million euros this year, highest than ever, better than any club. The pitch records directly made an impact on the revenue of the club with a huge difference with last year. Paris Saint-Germain financed by the beast of business QATAR STATE INVESTMENT played a gamble by sign star coach Thomas Tuchel, and top players Neymar, Kylian MBappe anyways lifting UCL trophy yet the dream of the present squad. PSG revenue 635.9 million euros, would be the huge number to beat for the other Ligue 1 clubs.

4. FC BAYERN MUNICH / Fußball-Club Bayern München e.V.

fc bayern munich- richest german football club

Who else better than them, without further ado, The king of Germany, yeah they sound. Bayern Munich, founded in 1900, Franz John was the leader of the side. The club got its first national championship title in 1932. Presently, Bayern’s squad has 27 Bundesliga titles which more than any german club.

This year they grabbed Bundesliga 7th consecutive title is that not much to hype their revenue? with an increase of 30.9 million euros this season Bayern spotted on 4th position with the total revenue of 660.1 million euros.

3. MANCHESTER UNITED FC / Manchester United Football Club

manchester united- richest english football club in the  world

The Red Devils, English Club, Founded in 1878; 142 years ago, as Newton Heath LYR F.C. but lates in 1902; 118 years ago, as Manchester United F.C. The Premier League giants have spotted on the third position with a revenue of 711.5 million euros. The Red Devils were the richest club in 2016, but every day is not Sunday, the 20 times premier league winner facing a difficult time on the pitch and the results are affecting the revenue.

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2. REAL MADRID CF / Real Madrid Club de Fútbol

real madrid fc richest valuable football club in the world

Another Spanish club, and the most supported club in the world. Founded on 6 March 1902; 118 years ago as Madrid Football Club. Exactly, Real Madrid is known for its glorious history, knowing controversies, and expensive transfer. This year, Real Madrid took the second spot with a revenue of 757.3 million euros. That might not be getting any surprise for its fans.

Literally, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo facts, check out the last two years’ performance graph of Real Marid. and why won’t you go to Italy if you are still suspicious about the CR7 fact? hope, you got the answer in all of Juventus. but, Real knows how to become the dark horse again let’s back to the vintage Real Madrid.

1. FC BARCELONA / Futbol Club Barcelona

fc barcelona richest football club i the wold

BARCA, “Més que un club”, meaning ‘More than a club‘. Founded on 29 November 1899; 120 years ago
as Foot-Ball Club Barcelona. The Spanish club grabbed the first rank with a huge revenue of 840.8 million euros, sounds huge, why not, Barcelona has enormous numbers speaking in terms of fans, popularity, rivals, and the champion side as it has best coaches, best dugout, best players and yeah asset LIONEL MESSI.

Final Thoughts on “Richest Football Clubs In The World In 2021”

So far we have covered the Top 10 most valuable and profitable football clubs in the world by their revenue and current performances. That’s all. As you sow, so you reap! As they play, so they get. That’s how the giant clubs made marked in 2021, let’s see which club will beat Barca in 2022, Real Madrid? Manchester United? You say!!!

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