In the land of cricket, the global game had near to suffocated, needed to give the feather to spread in the Sky of us. So, here comes the Indian Super League, which gathers World-class coaches and players in India to share their talent and skills with emerging players of India, and this is important for the Indian football, where our players learn how to dell in nail bitting counters, how to improve skills and indeed they know what the current level of global football is. hence, the Indian Super League could be the magical reformation in Indian football.

indian super league history, best players , wallpapers
The giants of Indian Super League, players those have people’s eyes


Glance at ISL

First Season

The revolution in Indian football inaugurated in 2014. Atletico de Kolkata took the very first trophy to the city of joy or football, defeated Kerala blasters by 1-0 on the scoreboard.

atletico de kolkata
First season winner of ISL

Second Season 

The next season pretty low enthusiastic compared with last season, Cennaiyin FC, the new club mark their name in the list of the winner by defeated FC Goa by 3-0 on the scoreline.

chennaiyin FC
Chennaiyin took away the trophy from Kolkata

Third Season

The third season rather says anything about the season but what final we had in that year when the foremost champion Atletico de Kolkata were facing their rivals Kerala blasters in final, after extra time 1-1 on the scorecard, the match went on penalty shoots out, once again ATK defeated Kerala blasters by 4-3.

Atletico de Kolkata winning their SEcond trophy
The time when they take off to Kolkata with ISL trophy again

Fourth Season 

The fourth season, this time again, former champion Chennaiyin FC made the marked by beating Bengaluru FC in final by 3-2 on the scoreline.

chennaiyin FC ISL
This season result admitted that the league was playing between two clubs only, ATK and Chennaiyin FC.

Fifth Season 

The fifth season was looking one-sided Bengaluru FC winning game after game and they were stopped at the balcony where winning team lifts the trophy, which means they are the Champion of ISL’s fifth season by beat FC Goa by 1-0.

bengaluru fc
grabbing the ISL trophy in their just second season, that’s Chettri fact

This Season

The Sixth season looking exciting and zeal compare with previous seasons, Federation did hard work to emerge the crowd of our country.

indian super league
As federation high up the slogan, lets everyone sing YHE HAI TRUE LOVE

So this is our your duty to take up the ISL, go watch matches in stadiums nearby you, spread it through social media, heed your favourite player performance although that’s work in the promotion of football in our country. Let’s make the promo line of ISL certain YEH HAI #TRUELOVE.90 MIN

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