Iceland has already Won FIFA World Cup after going through the qualifiers.
The Icelandic men’s national team has qualified for the 2018 world cup held in Russia, beating Kosovo by 2-0. It is for the first time, the nation will be a part of the FIFA World cup, as part, Iceland became the smallest nation to qualify for WC 18.

The team had 131st FIFA rank in October 2012, after this team climb and climb, and came over the fabulous rank of 19th this year, isn’t it amazing. Literally, the team is on cloud nine.

Iceland became smallest nation to qualify for FIFA World Cup

Iceland finished first in the group, group which featuring tough nations like Ukraine, Croatia, Turkey, Finland, and newcomers Kosova. The team shows compose and come over it.

Half of the year still left for the World Cup. Literally, Iceland yet in gossip, the team did such a fantastic job in the last four years.  We do not know how the Iceland team would play in FIFA World Cup 2018, but It’s like a winning situation for such countries as Iceland, which had qualified for this.

Icelandic people waiting hard for their team to play well in World Cup, It’s an honorable moment for them to see their team in such a big event on the Planet.

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After qualifying for World Cup, Nowadays they are booming on Google Search, apparently these searches for their qualifier.

Celebrations as Iceland become the smallest country to qualify for World Cup.


I Hope, they survive the tough competition with other monster teams of FIFA, for more updates and the stuff related to FIFA, keep in touch with us. Be ready for the FIFA.90 MIN

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