Fifa World Cup held twenty times from the year 1930, and each one has its own importance,  and here’s your ultimate record of the history of the world cup, including the winners/champions, hosts, key players, and most importantly from the tip of the pen of the fan.

FIFA World Cup History from 1930 to 2018) Winners, Host & Remarkable Events

History of the world cup is not something that can be described in few thousand words, it’s a complete dimension in itself, but anyway here you can take a quick look and highlights of some of the greatest matches in the history of entire planet, no other game can take place of the Fifa World Cup. Let’s take a brief look at The History of Fifa World Cup.

Year: 1930 | Host: Uruguay | Winner: Uruguay

Let’s start with the year 1930, the very first Fifa World Cup won by Uruguay. They defeat Argentina in Final 4-2 and this World cup was held in Uraguay hence the host Nation won the first staging of the Fifa World cup in 1930.

Champion: Uruguay national football team

Attendance: 590,549 (32,808 per match)

Dates: 13 Jul 1930 – 30 Jul 1930

Location: Uruguay

Top scorer: Guillermo Stábile

Year: 1934 | Host: Italy | Winner: Italy

In 1934, Fifa World cup held in Italy and made Italian happiness double, when Italy won the final against Czechoslovakia. Italy nation was also remarkable as a host Nation.

Champion: Italy national football team

Dates: 27 May 1934 – 10 Jun 1934

Location: Italy

Runners-up: Czechoslovakia

Top scorer: Oldřich Nejedlý

Fourth place: Austria

Year: 1938 | Host: France | Winner: Italy

This was France that host the Fifa third staging World Cup. Here, Italy explored their magic once by winning world cup twice in a row, beaten Hungry in final by 4-2. This Italy team played under coach Vittorio Pozzo, who also had contributions in previous World cup to win the title.

Champion: Italy national football team

Dates: 4 Jun 1938 – 19 Jun 1938

Location: France

Attendance: 375,700 (20,872 per match)

Runners-up: Hungary

Fourth place: Sweden

Year: 1942 | Cancelled

The next year of Italy World cup, In 1939, World was started fighting on Battlefield instead on Football field. “World War II” affect the whole world and emerge Football too in it. Lots of players started taking part in the World War, some countries had recommendations but some of them join as Nation’s service because many of the clubs were destroyed by Rebellions.

World of Football was getting hilarious news day by day. Many of the top footballers had lost their lives. Hungry’s Jewish players Josef BraunArpad WeiszHenrik Nadler are some of them. This Nation Hungary had also lost their team coach during World war II.

In 1936 West Germany was applied as a host Nation of Fifa for World cup 1942 then, In 1939 Brazil also showed their interest to host World cup 1942 but both of the Nations emerged in World War II. So, Fifa had cancelled World cup of 1942.

Year: 1946 | Cancelled

When World War II was ended in 1945, Fifa had struggled in many ways, they had no host Nation for 1946 and they were also struggling financially and it did not seem easy to do preparations in just 1 year of time for the World cup because next World cup will be holding in 1946. So World cup of 1946 was also cancelled.

Year: 1950 | Host: Brazil | Winner: Uruguay

This time for La La Land Brazil, this fourth Staging of the Fifa World cup held after the disaster of World War II won by Uruguay the Nation which won first staging World cup. Uruguay beat host Nation Brazil by 2-1 in 1950.

Champion: Uruguay national football team

Location: Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dates: 24 Jun 1950 – 16 Jul 1950

Runners-up: Brazil

Attendance: 1,045,246 (47,511 per match)

Top scorer: Ademir Marques de Menezes

Year: 1954 | Host: Switzerland | Winner: Germany

Year 1954, one of the best Fifa World cup as compare to all previous ones because in this World cup people saw great counter between Nations and this was held in the heaven of Earth Switerzland, where West Germany hold the Fifa’s golden trophy for the very first time by breaking the fort of strongest side of that time Hungry by 3-2 nail-biting final.

This final match got more interest because the enemies of World war II had faced off in the final match of this world cup where West Germany won Fifa’s battlefield.

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Champion: Germany national football team

Location: Switzerland

Dates: 16 Jun 1954 – 4 Jul 1954

Top scorer: Sándor Kocsis

Runners-up: Hungary

Fourth place: Uruguay

Year: 1958 | Host: Sweden | Winner: Brazil

The year 1958, this Fifa world cup gave one name which became one of the greatest footballers of all time, who can forget his contribution for his Nation to grab the trophy first time and made World Football on his feet.

The great Pelè, he was just seventeen years old in 1958 Fifa world cup, this teenager steal the World cup throughout and in final as well, where he had 2 goals and beat host Nation Sweden by 5-2 where Pele rewarded by the best younger footballer award.

Champion: Brazil national football team

Top scorer: Just Fontaine

Teams: 16 (from 3 confederations)

Location: Sweden

Best young player: Pelé

Dates: 8 Jun 1958 – 29 Jun 1958

Year: 1962 | Host: Chile | Winner: Brazil

The year 1962, the seventh staging of the Fifa World cup, Chile gear up as a host Nation for the first time. This World cup is also known for toxic atmosphere for all time. Player also has seen creating violence on the field and there were nefarious matches played where the referee had suffered to control the violence of players. Here, Brazidefendsnd the trophy and beat Czechoslovakia in final by 3-1 in the Capital of Chile Santiago.

Champion: Brazil national football team

Top scorer(s): 6 players (see below); (4 goals each)

Location: Chile

Dates: 30 May 1962 – 17 Jun 1962

Runners-up: Czechoslovakia

Fourth place: Yugoslavia

Year: 1966 | Host: England | Winner: England

In the Year 1966, the eight staging of the Fifa World cup, Mascot was used for the first time, basically, England had an opportunity to host Fifa world cup 1966, world cup willie is a typically United kingdom Lion who wearing Union flag.

This was the third time when host Nation won World cup after Uruguay in 1930 and Italy in 1934. England beat West Germany by 4-2 in final and became Champion of 1966 Fifa World cup.

Champion: England national football team

Venue(s): 8 (in 7 host cities)

Teams: 16 (from 4 confederations)

Dates: 11 Jul 1966 – 30 Jul 1966

Top scorer: Eusébio

Host country: England

Year: 1970 | Host: Mexico | Winner: Brazil

The year 1970, the ninth staging of the Fifa world cup was looking much interesting on television as compare earlier World cups because this World cup was the first which was telecast in colour also the first time that World cup tournament held in other Continent neither Europe nor South America but that time was North America’s Mexico.

Where the two time World cup holder Nation Brazil beat two times World Champion Italy in final by 4-1. Brazil team, known as an all-time best team of Fifa.

This World cup also set a record of, to telecast around the World. 1970 Fifa World cup was the first World cup that telecast in colour and telecast in most countries of the Planet and also broke all records of television’s TRP.

Champion: Brazil national football team

Dates: 31 May 1970 – 21 Jun 1970

Teams: 16 (from 5 confederations)

Location: Mexico

Fair play award: Peru

Top scorer: Gerd Müller

Year: 1974 | Host: Germany | Winner: Germany

The year 1974, the tenth staging of the Fifa World cup was held in West Germany. The tournament marked the first time Fifa trophy, the current Fifa World cup trophy was designed by Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga.

The host Nation and one-time winner West Germany beat the Netherlands in finals by 2-1 at Munich’s Olympiastadion. This was the second time for West Germany to hold the 6.2 kg new trophy of Fifa World cup, who had also won 1954 Fifa World cup trophy.

Champion: Germany national football team

Dates: 13 Jun 1974 – 7 Jul 1974

Location: West Germany

Top scorer: Grzegorz Lato

Attendance: 1,865,762 (49,099 per match)

Fourth place: Brasil

Year: 1978 | Host: Argentina | Winner: Argentina

The year 1978, the Eleventh staging of the Fifa World cup, South American Nation Argentina decided as a host country for this World cup by Fifa. Argentina made a mark and won the title by beating Netherland by 3-1 in finals and become fifth Nation who won World cup as a host after Uruguay, Italy, England and West Germany. Argentina had held the Fifa trophy for the first time and spread their attacking football skill in all over the World.

Champion: Argentina national football team

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Location: Argentina

Dates: 1 Jun 1978 – 25 Jun 1978

Top scorer: Mario Kempes

Best young player: Antonio Cabrini

Runners-up: Netherlands

Year: 1982 | Host: Spain | Winner: Italy

The year 1982, Fifa gave an opportunity to Spain to host Fifa World cup where the number of teams increasing in World cup. For the first time, Fifa decided that 24 nations would compete in World cup because Fifa wanted to get more football from the continent like Asia and Africa. The very first penalty shootout was featured in this World Cup. Italy won the trophy for the third time and stand with Brazil, where, Italy beat West Germany in final by 3-1.

Champion: Italy national football team

Top scorer: Paolo Rossi

Location: Spain

Dates: 13 Jun 1982 – 11 Jul 1982

Best young player: Manuel Amoros

Fourth place: France

Year: 1986 | Host: Mexico | Winner: Argentina

The year 1986, Who can forget “the hand of God” and “the goal of the century” those two goals do not need any introduction, the world of Football knows very well.

Deigo Maradona, the striker of those two goals. He was the captain of his National team Argentina and played a big role in his team, won World cup. He scored 5 goals with two historical goals and also assisted in 5 other goals. Mexico was as a host Nation where Argentina grab the title for the second time beating West Germany by 3-1 in final at Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca.

Champion: Argentina national football team

Top scorer: Gary Lineker

Location: Mexico

Best young player: Enzo Scifo

Dates: 31 May 1986 – 29 Jun 1986

Best player: Diego Maradona

Year: 1990 | Host: Italy | Winner: Germany

The year 1990, the fourteenth staging of the Fifa World Cup was held in Italy and became second Nation, who had two times host Nation after Mexico. The championship was secured by West Germany, they beat Argentina by 1-0 in final at Studio Olimpico in Rome.

The host Nation Italy ended their World cup at third place. This World Cup is also remembered as the poorest World cup, which generated the lowest average of 2.21 goals per game and this record still stands rather 16 red cards including the first-ever book in final but the 1990 World cup set a record, as one of the most watched events in the history of television.

Champion: Germany national football team

Top scorer: Salvatore Schillaci

Location: Italy

Dates: 8 Jun 1990 – 8 Jul 1990

Best young player: Robert Prosinečki

Year: 1994 | Host: USA | Winner: Brazil

The year 1994, the 15th Fifa World Cup was held in the United States of America and one of the financially successful World Cup of Fifa history. The USA was chosen as the host Nation where this Nation had lack of national top-level football league hence people went crazy to see top class footballers on the ground, therefore, this 1994 Fifa World Cup had set a record of spectators, an average of 69,000 per game and the record that still stands today.

The final was gone through on penalty shootout was the final had ended 0-0 after the extra time where Brazil beat Italy 3-2 in final’s penalty shootout and Brazil become first Nation Who holds the trophy fourth time.

Champion: Brazil national football team

Location: United States of America

Teams: 24 (from 5 confederations)

Best player: Romário

Best young player: Marc Overmars

Dates: 17 Jun 1994 – 17 Jul 1994

Year: 1998 | Host: France | Winner: France

The year 1998, the sixteenth Staging of the Fifa World Cup, for the first time in World cup, group stage teams was expended from 24 to 32 teams. The host Nation France beat defending Nation Brazil 3-0 in final and France was graced as new Champion of Fifa World cup and also hold the record to become the 7th country who won World Cup on their homeland after these six nations, Uruguay, Italy, West Germany, England, Argentina.

Champion: France national football team

Teams: 32 (from 5 confederations)

Location: France

Top scorer: Davor Šuker

Best young player: Michael Owen

Best player: Ronaldo

Year: 2002 | Host: South Korea & Japan | Winner: Brazil

Here, when the world came in the new era of 21st century Fifa decided to took Fifa in other continent and then they declared that Fifa World Cup 2002 will host by two countries South Korea and Japan, this was the first time that Fifa held in Asia. Brazil set a new record to win the tournament for the 5th time, and this record is still standing.

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Brazil beat Germany 2-0 in final. Fifa World cup 2002 had become more controversial when host Nation South Korea had victory over Italy in Round 16 by wrong umpiring decision and victory over Spain in quarterfinals match as well and South Korea end their World cup at the fourth position which was pretty good for them.

Champion: Brazil national football team

Dates: 31 May 2002 – 30 Jun 2002

Top scorer: Ronaldo

Best player: Oliver Kahn

Host countries: South Korea; Japan

Fourth place: South Korea

Year: 2006 | Host: Germany | Winner: Italy

The year 2006, the 18th Fifa World cup was held in Germany. 31 Nations qualified for the tournament with the host nation Germany directly gone to World cup final matches where Italy won the World Cup for the fourth time and world saw another penalty shootout in Final after 1-1 each goal draw ended in extra time. The first penalty shoot-out was held in 1994 between Brazil and Italy and Brazil won the 1994 world cup but Itlay did not repeat their 1994 Fifa World Cup history where they were beaten by Brazil, In this World cup, Italy beat France 5-3 in penalty shootout and host Nation Germany ended their World cup at third position.

Champion: Italy national football team

Teams: 32 (from 6 confederations)

Location: Germany

Top scorer: Miroslav Klose

Best young player: Lukas Podolski

Best goalkeeper: Gianluigi Buffon

Year: 2010 | Host: South Africa | Winner: Spain

The year 2010, the nineteenth Staging of the Fifa World cup held first ever in African Nation South Africa. In this World cup, 2006 winner and runner-up Italy and France eliminated in the first round which was a very setback to their fans, and it was the first time that host Nation was also eliminated in first round and they did not give any moment to celebrate to their Nation.

The Paul octopus from Germany also got lots of print stories in newspapers by his inch-perfect prediction. Spain won World cup for the first time under the captain Iker Casillas, They beat Netherland land after extra time. Minute 116th Andres Iniesta’ s goal beat Netherland and giving first ever World cup to his Nation Spain.

Champion: Spain national football team

Host country: South Africa

Dates: 11 Jun 2010 – 11 Jul 2010

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Best player: Diego Forlán

Fourth place: Uruguay

Year: 2014 | Host: Brazil | Winner: Germany

The year 2014, 20th Fifa World cup was held in South American country Brazil, which was declared by Fifa in 2008 as host Nation where Brazilians had thought they will hold the trophy for the sixth time, Brazil was looking favourite team for title, this nation had the star footballers squad including super striker Neymar Jr. but in the quarter-final he was badly injured but his team won the quarterfinals match and got the ticket for semi-finals, where Brazil had to face off with Germany.

Neymar Jr. did not play semi-final because he was badly injured. Germany washed Brazil by 7-1 in the semi-final match, which was the biggest loss by goal average in World cup matches for Brazil.

The title Holder team Spain, England, Italy were eliminated in first round. Germany beat Argentina by 1-0 in final, goal came in the 114th minute by substitute player Gotze after extra time.

Host Nation Brazil ended their World cup at Fourth position and Netherland on the third position. Argentina’s  Captain Lionel Messi awarded Best player award in the 2014 Fifa World Cup.

Champion: Germany national football team

Host country: Brazil

Dates: 12 Jun 2014 – 13 Jul 2014

Best player: Diego Forlán

Top scorer: James Rodríguez

Best player: Lionel Messi

Best young player: Paul Pogba

Best goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer

Year: 2018 | Host: Russia | Winner: France

Tournament details: 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia

Host country: Russia

Dates: 14 June – 15 July

Teams: 32 (from 5 confederations)

Venue(s): 12 (in 11 host cities)

Year: 2022 | Host: Qatar | Winner: TBA

Keep patience and stay tuned!!!

Tournament details: 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar

Host country: Qatar

Dates: TBA

Teams: TBA

Venue(s): TBA

Final Words:

From the first Staging of the Fifa World cup in 1930 to the recent World cup of 2018, football seems several transformations in the core game even if you are talking about Teams, Nations, Players, their WAGs(Wife & Girlfriend) and their lifestyle, Coaches, Controversies, so many things and these all matters a lot to the fans.90 MIN

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