Football is Inception, Football is Inspiration! [Fan-Made Football Anthem]

    We are in the 21st century, football seems several transformations even you talking about Teams, Players, their WAGs(Wife & Girlfriend) and their lifestyle, Coaches, Controversies, so many things; these things should matter for the fans and this change is only possible by social media because these stuff takes few minutes to go viral.

    Here are the lines directly from the heart of a die-hard football fan, Aadil Al Barkaat


    Football is Sports, Football is Joy,
    Football is Laughing, Football is Cry!

    Football is Occupation, Football is Dedication,
    Not only a game, coz it’s a convocation!

    Football become Pele, Football become CR7,
    Football represents the Nation in just 11!

    Football is Preparation, Football is Reputation,
    Football is Transformation, Football is Destination!

    Football gives Name, Football gives Fame,
    You can’t hold it in a frame coz Football is Insane!

    Football is Evolution, Football is Revolution,
    Football is Appreciation, Football is Celebration!

    But When we defeat, people make conversation,
    For those who hate, it’s just discrimination!

    Football is Past, Football is Future,
    Football is Last, Football is Cruzer!

    Football gives wings, make our endeavor,
    We have football, So, We are Fortuner!

    Football change life’s Formation,
    Makes you World’s Sensation!

    Football is You, Football is I,
    We are Football, Football makes us Cry!

    Football is our Present,
    Football is our Vision!
    Least I say Football is our Oxygen,
    Football is our Inception, Football is our Inspiration!

    At last but not least, At any place of this World, even in an unknown island of this planet, where You got struck and feels Alien to the people of that very island because,

    Fails to make conversation, just play Football coz it’s human demonstration!!!

    Aadil Al Barkaat

    Football is something that I ought to say “Incredible”. It’s absolutely deserving that the grace of something makes people “speechless” and the game of Football is all about.

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